Young opinions matter, National Youth Week 2017

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‘Get involved, be heard, make a difference,’  that’s the motto from NSW Youth Week, running from 31 March –  9 April. Camden will be offering a lot of fun activities, aimed at getting the young involved and having a great time as well.

The voices and opinions of our local youth matter. “It is through their insights and thoughts, that the community can engage with them about what they want to see happen in Camden,” said the local council.

Kathy Foden, of Mount Annan, said “I went to the Positive Partnership program run by the council and Aspect. It was very useful and gave me lots of resources,” she said.

Video: YouTube, National Youth Week 2017

The Camden Youth Council, actively assists Camden Council with decisions and initiatives, regarding younger people in our local community, and how best to reach them, and get them actively involved.

According to the Camden Council website, “The Camden Youth Council is for young people aged 15 to 25 years who are interested in discussing issues, expressing views and contributing to the development of the local Camden community.”

In a report titled ‘Mental Health of Young People,’ The Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals, “Interaction with other people is vital to human development. Social relationships and networks can act as protective factors against the onset or recurrence of mental illness and enhance recovery from mental disorders.”

Young people need interaction with peers, and to foster healthy connections with other young people. Youth Week is one government initiative working towards achieving just that.

Activities such as, Skateboard clinics, barefoot lawn bowls, $5 youth week movie-night, yoga and chocolate making, are all part of the fun and inclusive programs on offer in our local area. Last year over 1,500 young locals took part, and with so many activities to choose from, council are hoping for even bigger numbers, at this year’s events. See the official flyer here.

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Photos: Camden Youth Council Facebook page

Article by: Helen Megalokonomos


Australian Bureau of Statistics Mental Health Report


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