Camden Local Area Command set to receive 10 extra police.

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Local police are set to receive a boost of ten extra officers, after a decision was reached on March 6,  for the rapidly expanding Camden local area.

Sgt. Phil Gornall of Narellan police station,  said the extra officers would offer more police presence. “More police presence is a big thing in policing these days,” he said.


Narellan/Camden police and officials. Photo: Kayla Osborne

Sgt. Gornall said the extra officers will help with the massive growth that has seen our suburbs increase in population. “The extra officers will help with custody issues, and offer more supervision and guidance to other officers,” he said.

Last year police dealt with 1600 extra calls for assistance within the Camden LAC, whilst being short-staffed, and with continual growth in the area, extra police numbers are needed to assist with policing duties.

Police Association of NSW president Scott Weber, told The Daily Telegraph last week, that the newly placed  police will help with ‘first response’ positions.

October 2014 to September 2016 
Assault – non-domestic violence related, Camden Local Government Area

No statistically significant upward or downward trend over the 24-month period.


Graph: NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research

Sgt. Gornall said the local police have a crime coordinator who deals with local issues such as, youth liaison, crime prevention, and domestic violence prevention.

“We go to local shopping centres, we have a display at The Camden Show, and we’re teaming up with the West Tigers rugby league team, to ensure community engagement,” he said.

Police have witnessed the increase of public engagement on social media platforms, and have  reached out to their local community via social media. It is via their Facebook page, that the police encourage community feedback on local issues, and ask the community to take part of their surveys. (Take the survey here).

Photo 20-3-17, 2 15 22 pm

Narellan Police Station. Photo: Helen Megalokonomos

The police work in partnership with the community, and want people to feel comfortable and that they can approach them with ease. “The public message police want to give, is I’m your friend,” said Sgt. Gornall.

Article by: Helen Megalokonomos


NSW Police Force Facebook page.


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